20 October 2014

kids SHOULD run in church

I'm sure many of you will remember when you were a child being made to sit in church in silence - sshhh'd and told to keep quiet until the end of the service. AHHH the good old days of quiet children and boring sermons.

The sermons may not have changed but the quiet children have. 

Every Sunday one of the highlights of the day for me is when the kids arrive - they don't just walk in and sit quietly - they charge in, laughing and smiling, so pleased to be there. They run down the front, wanting to be there, eager to join in worship and learn more about Jesus.

So what happens between childhood and adulthood that changes our view of church?

When did church change from being exciting, somewhere we wanted to go to somewhere we feel we should go? A place were we drag ourselves out of bed to go to on a Sunday morning not because we want to but because we feel we ought to.

Why don't we rush into church eager to be there and wanting to join in worship an learn more?

Why can't we be, like Jesus says, more like the children? Eager to be in the house of God.

So today all I want to say is a big thank you to God for the children who make Sunday so special and for the same spirit of excitement in all of us.


  1. Great great post! If you don't mind, I'm going to share this on our ministry's twitter account!


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